Trump’s team of plutocrats is the problem

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross doesn’t know why people who aren’t getting paid have to visit a food pantry. And Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin doesn’t know how cartoonishly plutocratic he looks when his wife, Louise Linton, holds up a sheet of money while wearing elbow-length leather gloves on a taxpayer-funded junket.

You could fill a $238 million Central Park condo with what these plutocrats and other don’t know. And increasingly, they are the ones running our government. The Trump cabinet clocks in at a hefty $4.3 billion in net worth, the wealthiest cabinet in American history. Now, call me a class warrior, but maybe the people who are shuttling their own kids off to private school aren’t the right fit to fix our public schools. Maybe the folks making casual use of private jets aren’t the ones to fix our roads and bridges.

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