Invest in a Green Economy

Catastrophic climate change is a clear and present danger. The United States should lead the global green industrial revolution that builds strong and resilient communities. That requires strategic public investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency that will replace a carbon-based economy with a clean and sustainable energy system, creating jobs and opportunity, particularly in communities of color that have borne the worst consequences of toxic corporate practices.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency are already rapidly expanding. But we need a public commitment to meet clear goals to replace carbon-based energy sources, create new green energy industries, and meet global emission targets. The country that leads in these areas will capture jobs generated from markets across the world.

  • Investment in clean energy is not a partisan issue. According to Gallop in a 2017 poll, 73% of Americans “want the U.S. to emphasize alternative energy rather than oil and gas,” including 81% of Democrats and 51% of Republicans.
  • In a survey by the Republican polling firm, Public Opinion Strategies LLC, 75% of Trump voters supported “action to accelerate the deployment and use of clean energy” — including solar, wind, energy efficiency, and community renewable projects.
  • Over seven in 10 Americans favor development of alternative energy vs. oil, gas, coal. (Gallup, 2017)
  • 80% of Americans prefer to see revenue from a carbon tax (were Congress to pass one) invested in clean energy, rather than spending the money on tax cuts or household rebates. (The Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends)
  • 85% of Americans believe that protecting American’s environment (including clean air, clean water, wildlife, and natural places) is either critical or very important (Hart Reseach)
  • 62% of Americans say that the government is doing too little on the environment (highest since 2006). A majority of people prioritize the environment even IF it limits economic growth. And large majorities favor government actions to protect the environments including reducing emissions, enforcing regulations, regulating fracking, investing in alternative energy, and passing carbon taxes. (Gallup, 2018)
  • 61% of Americans say quality of the environment is getting worse. (Gallup, 2018)
  • According to Pew Research in 2017, globally, climate change is about tied with ISIS as the greatest threat to security.