Pledge Updates

01-25-19 Pledge Update_Shutdown Protest, LA Teachers, Tax the Rich, Women’s Agenda, Rev. Barber

01-07-19 Pledge Update_ New Congress, PAYGO, HR1, Elizabeth Warren, Medicare-for-All, Climate action (1)

12-18-18 Pledge Update_ For bold reforms, NAACP protest, Yemen vote, Populism wins, Roma

12-04-19 Pledge Update_ Midterms, #GreenNewDeal, Stop Walmart, HR1, Gilded Giving

11-20-18 Pledge Update_ Final Weekend, Extinction Rebellion, Banking on the Climate, Black Unemployment

11-02-18 Pledge Update_ Midterms, Jobs Poll, Sears, Tax Cuts, China Trade Toll

10-15-18 Pledge Update _ Midterm Energy, Climate Report, College for All, Trump Op-ed, Racial Wealth Divide

10-04-18 Grow the economy. Cancel Student Debt.

09-27-18 Re_Fire Zinke

09-26-18 Pledge Update_Green New Deal, Kavanaugh Protests, #TaxScam2, Airport Workers, Rural Polling

09-20-18 Expand Social Security, Don’t cut it

09-11-18 Sign Now – 10 percent of eligible Floridians can’t vote

09-05-18 Pledge Update_Labor Day News, Saturday’s Climate Rise, CA Energy Vote, DNC Reform

08-20-18 Pledge Update_Accountable Capitalism Act, NowThis NAFTA, Women’s Economic Status, New Polling, Altman Book

08-09-18 Pledge Update_NAFTA Campaign, Missouri Labor Win, Medicare Caucus, SCOTUS, and New Demos Agenda

07-31-18 NAFTA was a disaster. Help us change it.

07-25-18 Pledge Update_Reich Jobs Video, CPC ‘People’s Budget,’ Medicare-for-All Caucus, Seattle’s ‘Bill of Rights’

07-16-18 Pledge Update_Jobs Campaign, Live Town Hall, Nation Special Issue, Climate Action

07-14-18 Signatures needed–Demand 2018 candidates support “jobs for all” plan

07-06-18 Pledge Update_Agenda Wins, Social Security Bill, Sectoral Bargaining, DNC Vote, Job-for-All Reports

6-26-18 Pledge Update_Family Separation Protests, Tax Scam, Student Debt

6-19-18 Pledge Update_Family Separation-Protests, Poor People’s March, Tax Scam Tweetchat

6-12-18 Pledge Update_Student Debt, Wall St. Reform, Disney Workers

5-23-18 Pledge News_ Hightower Lowdown Pledge Issue.pdf

5-18-18 Pledge News_ Books by Kuttner, Harris.pdf

5-1-18 News on Jobs For All, Global Economic Strategy, & New Books by Signers.pdf

4-24-18 Pledge Signers’ Books, Working Families Party Changes, CO Cong Candidate Signs Pledge.pdf

3-29-18 CALL TO ACTION_ So you’ve signed the #PledgeforProsperity. Whatnow.pdf

3-20-18 Please share the Pledge – now signed by 9,000+ signers.pdf

3-5-18 Beyond Resistance, Sign the Pledge for America’s Future.pdf