Marianne Williamson

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I. Jobs for All – by Investing in Rebuilding America and a Green New Deal
1. Jobs for All – Created by Rebuilding America
2. Invest in a Green Economy
II. Fight Inequality
3. Empower Workers to Reduce Inequality
4. Opportunity and Justice for All – With Focus on Communities Harmed by Racism
5. Guarantee Women’s Economic Equality
III. A New Social Contract – for Income and Retirement Security – and Healthcare and Education for All

6. High Quality Public Education – Pre-K to University
7. Medicare for All – And Shared Economic Security
IV. Stop Corporations, Banks, and the Wealthy from Controlling Our Economy and Our Democracy
8. Make Corporations and the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share
9. Close Wall Street’s Casino
10. Rescue Democracy from Special Interests
V. A Global Strategy for Working Americans

11. A Global Strategy for Working Americans

I. Jobs for All – by Investing in Rebuilding America and a Green New Deal
1. Jobs for All – Created by Rebuilding America

  • “1. Provide immediate cash relief through a Universal Basic Income. Under my plan, the federal government will pay $1,000/month Universal Basic Income to all American adults aged 18-65.  This will provide immediate cash relief to those who need it. It will give people a small but reliable stream of income. It will create a floor so no American needs to be hungry. It will also provide a big stimulus to the economy as people spend this money on food, clothes and other essentials. This Universal Basic Income will cover all adults until they reach the age for Social Security.
  • 2. Create jobs through a Green New Deal. We must act now to remove carbon from the economy and slow global warming. This will create millions of new jobs in renewable energy (solar, wind and water power), architecture and building (green buildings), energy-efficient vehicles (electric cars), new public transit systems, and much more. The greening of the economy has already created millions of new jobs: there are twice as many people working in the solar industry than in coal.
  • 3. Create jobs through a Caring Economy. The real wealth of our nation is our people. Investing in care is both humane and good for our economy. Much of the care for children, the sick and the elderly is now unpaid, done mostly by women. If this labor were paid, it would strengthen the economic security of millions of workers especially women, and ensure that people who need care get it.
  • 4. Increase wealth through a Universal Savings Plan. Under my plan, each child will receive a gift from the federal government deposited in a fund created at birth. Family and friends can add to that fund as the child grows, with the government matching those contributions on a sliding scale. (Less wealthy families will get 100% match and more wealthy families a 10% match.) Eventually the child grows up and can use those funds for wealth-enhancing purposes such as education, training, house down payment, or to start a business.” (Marianne 2020, The Economy)

2. Invest in a Green Economy

  • Greenpeace gave Williamson a B on climate change, putting her in 8th place in their ranking of the 2020 presidential candidate field. According to the NGO: “Williamson has endorsed the Green New Deal, wants the U.S. to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, and called for the U.S. to “transition away from fossil fuel energy and halt all new fossil fuel projects.” She supports eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, banning fracking and fossil fuel exports, and securing a “just transition” for impacted workers and communities. She called for prioritizing people of color, indigenous communities, and low-income Americans in enhancing resilience to climate disasters. Williamson has signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge. While her plans to tackle the climate crisis are not as detailed as some other candidates’, she’s on the right track.” (Greenpeace)
  • “A Green New Deal would provide an overall strategy for how clean energy, sustainable infrastructure and transportation, and a national green jobs program can revitalize our economy and utilize our innovative and human capacity to benefit all our people. While it doesn’t cover the whole range of measures we must undertake to reverse global warming, it is an important step, therefore I support it.”
  • “Those with lower income, people of color, indigenous communities, and other vulnerable populations must be prioritized. Climate preparedness must be fully integrated into the nation’s emergency preparedness, and into our health plans, infrastructure plans, and homeland security plans.”
  • “Transitioning to an economy that keeps its focus squarely on reducing carbon emissions is not only one of the great moral challenges of our time, but it can also open a new era of US innovation based on sustainable infrastructure, responsible resource management and meeting human needs…we will employ every resource to restore our forests and oceans, and promote sustainable agricultural and ranching practices, among many other critical measures. We cannot afford to do anything less.” (Marianne 2020, Climate Crisis)

II. Fight Inequality
3. Empower Workers to Reduce Inequality

  • We need to “increase minimum wage to a rate that provides a living wage in its given geographical area – and set the rate to adjust for inflation from now on.”
  • “Paid Vacation should be provided to all employees, even part-timers. Every industrialized nation but ours guarantees this right.”
  • “Portable retirement plans must be offered to every worker in this nation. A retirement plan that one can take with them from job-to-job. No one should be afraid of their future. “
  • We must “protect homeowners from predatory lending practices, and increase access to loan modifications that enable people to stay in their homes.”
  • We must “enact paid family and medical leave to enable working parents to care for loved ones.”
  • We must “protect the rights of working people to organize for better wages and working conditions.” ( Marianne 2020 “The Economy” issue page.)

4. Opportunity and Justice for All – With a Focus on Communities Harmed by Racism

  • Has proposed to we pay $10 billion in slavery reparations every year for 10 years to the African American community.
  • “The 2018 Criminal Justice Reform Bill successfully deals with a few of the worst aspects of America’s prison problem, giving federal judges more leeway when sentencing some drug offenders and boosting prisoner rehabilitation efforts; reducing life sentences for some drug offenders with three convictions, or “three strikes,” to 25 years; and incentivizing prisoners to participate in programs designed to reduce the risk of recidivism with the reward being an earlier release to either home confinement or a halfway house. Those measures, which apply only to non-violent offenders and only to federal prisoners, begin what will hopefully be a larger tide of criminal justice reform. Together with restorative justice techniques, and other peace-building measures, both in and out of prisons, hopefully, America is beginning, at last, to turn away from the draconian prison practices that have become such a stain upon America’s soul.”
  • “At the same time, there is a great deal that the federal government can do. The Justice Department can be empowered to investigate for-profit prisons.  The Civil Rights Division can be empowered to bring appropriate civil rights class-action suits on behalf of the imprisoned, and to investigate the conditions under which prisoners are held. By the same token, the civil rights division can examine the parole process, and apply much-needed pressure on states and localities to re-examine their sentencing processes.” (Marianne 2020, Mass Incarceration)
  • “Tepid solutions are not enough for the times in which we live; we need huge, strategized acts of righteousness, now. Just as Germany has paid $89 Billion in reparations to Jewish organizations since WW2, the United States should pay reparations for slavery. A debt unpaid is still a debt unpaid, even if it’s 150 years later. The legacy of that injustice lives on, with racist policies infused into our systems even to this day. From employment and housing discrimination, to equal access to quality education in underserved communities, to police brutality/prejudice, to lack of fair lending practices, to lack of access to quality healthcare, to insecure voting rights, America has not yet completed the task of healing our racial divide.” (Marianne 2020, Racial Reconciliation and Healing)
  • “For that reason, I propose a $200 billion – $500 billion plan of reparations for slavery, the money to be disbursed over a period of twenty years.  An esteemed council of African-American leaders would determine the educational and economic projects to which the money would be given.” (Marianne 2020, Racial Reconciliation and Healing)
  • “As president, I would propose more than a deeper understanding between the races, though we certainly need that, and I believe I could be helpful in making that happen. Racism is an American character defect, for which we must atone, make amends, and be willing to change. I would propose this historic step forward in America’s history, in what I believe would be a deep and abiding gift to future generations of Americans both black and white.” (Marianne 2020, Racial Reconciliation and Healing)
  • “I support legislative reforms that includes a full path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who do not have serious criminal background issues. I would also work to reduce the cost of naturalization and increase resources to help people navigate that process more easily.
    • I will work to overturn the three- and ten-year re-entry bars. Many people who would otherwise qualify for green card status due to a relationship with a citizen or permanent resident are in a heart-wrenching scenario if they leave to apply for a green card in their native country (as is currently required). They are subsequently not allowed to re-ente rthe United states for three- or ten-years.  Even if they are married to a U.S. citizen. They can be separated from their families – for abiding by our laws! This whole scenario traps people in undocumented status. I will work to overturn this unnecessary hardship.
    • Children brought into the United States by their parents should not be punished for now being here. I fully support our DACA. Our dreamers represent the best about our future. I would also work to expand protections and naturalization to all undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children, regardless of their current age. They came here through no fault of their own, and many are, in fact, unaware that they are undocumented.
    • My administration would reduce the record number of detainees currently under extended DHS and ICE control. I would work to close private detention centers and family detention centers. There are far more humane options that have been proven to work.
    • I would speed up our process of allowing asylum seekers to come here.  I believe we need to also stop forcing them to stay across the border before being processed. I would work to fund and authorize vast increases in Immigration Judges to move through our backlog of asylum seekers and other related cases.
    • I would expand protections for LGBTQ immigrants and asylum seekers, who experience discrimination here, as well as in their countries of origin.
    • I would work to assure all constitutional protections and due process is available to undocumented immigrants when it comes to deportation issues.
    • I will work to make affordable health care available to all of our families, whether they are documented or not.” (Marianne 2020, Immigration)

5. Guarantee Women’s Economic Equality

  • “As president, I would advocate for..proper prenatal care, regardless of ability to pay; proper healthcare for pregnant women; maternal and Paternal leave.” 
  • As long as there is a dearth of women in positions of political power, this chronic tilting of American priorities toward short-term economic interests as opposed to humanitarian values is understandable. As long as women are basically invisible, children are invisible as well.  (Marianne 2020, Child Advocacy)
  • “As the first woman President of the United States, I would be deeply aware of my pivotal role in ushering in a new era of female leadership. For me, the purpose of such extraordinary power would be more than symbolic. If I am given the authority, I will use the full powers of the presidency to advocate for the things women care about.”
  • “We need to:
    • Reauthorize and fully fund the Violence Against Women Act, and then remove all sunset provisions so that it cannot lapse.
    • Increase rules, regulations, and oversight to prevent pregnancy-related discrimination.  
    • Require more post-birth leave time for mothers – and fathers.
    • Pass the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution.
    • Support the EMPOWER Act – Ending the Monopoly of Power Over Workplace Harassment through Education and Reporting Act.
    • Empower the Justice Department to more thoroughly prevent sexual harassment, discrimination, and rape.
    • Provide more funding for Headstart and high-quality childcare programs. As the City of New York has provided universal pre-K for its citizens, so must the United States.”
    • Fund and expand welfare food stamp coverage for low-income families and children.” (Marianne 2020, Women’s Rights)

III. A New Social Contract – for Income and Retirement Security – and Healthcare and Education for All

6. High Quality Public Education – Pre-K to University

  • ”As president, I will establish a cabinet level Department of Childhood and Youth. Our economic system was developed at a time when women had little or no voice within the public sphere, and taking care of children was considered “women’s work.” In addition, there was none of the scientific evidence we have today that so much brain-power is stored in the brain of a child under the age of ten. We now know that a child’s brain is infinitely more flexible, emotionally intelligent, and capable of learning and retaining information than an adult’s. The neuroplasticity in the brain of a child is at its height before the age of eight.As a consequence, I would call for a massive realignment of investment in the direction of children. Every school, every library, every community, should be a place where learning, nature, the arts and all forms of sustainable living are celebrated and fostered.”  (Marianne 2020, Child Advocacy)
  • “As president, I would advocate for…
    • affordable childcare and Universal pre-K.
    • Elementary schools and secondary schools of high caliber for every American student.Nutritional excellence in food that is served and sold at public schools.
    • Mindfulness training in the schools.
    • Full wrap around and anti-trauma services.
    • Conflict resolution, restorative justice, peace-creation training.
    • Substance abuse treatment and family counseling for families in need.
    • Mental health (non-pharmaceutical) services for children.
    • And best practices of all kinds in schools and in communities that properly tend to children.”
  • “Radically reduce and, in some cases, outright forgive the debt of college loans. (Currently, 44 million people owe almost a trillion and a half dollars in student loan debt, a crushing burden that holds back the younger generation from starting businesses and buying homes.) We should treat student loans like other debt, enabling a refinance at lower interest rates, and allowing those who declare bankruptcy to be freed.” (Marianne 2020, The Economy)
  • “Provide free higher education, including tuition at public colleges, community colleges and trade schools.”
  • “Provide free higher education, including tuition at public colleges, community colleges and trade schools.” (Marianne 2020, Education)

7. Medicare for All – And Shared Economic Security

  • “I will robustly support high-quality universal coverage for every American, including a medicare for all model.” For more, see: Marianne 2020, Healthcare)
  • On the status of private insurance companies under her plan, Williamson has said that “I’m open to the idea of supplemental insurance programs for additional health-care benefits for those who want it. However, I want high-quality Medicare for All coverage for all Americans, to the point where supplemental coverage shouldn’t be a requirement.” (The Washington Post, 04/11/19)
  • Williamson believes all undocumented immigrants should be covered under a government-run health care program. She also supports giving the federal government the ability to negotiate Medicare drug prices and having the federal government produce and sell generic drugs to lower prices. She also supports importing drugs from other countries “on a case-by-case basis…when dramatic savings can be found,” although generally she would “like American workers and American companies to receive their fair share of health care expenditures.” (Washington Post, 04/11/19)
  • “A government “for the people” is just that. Applying the resources of our government to providing such a fundamental right as access to health care should be a given, as it is in all other advanced democracies…Words like, “socialist,” “too expensive,” and, “Nanny state,” are used to distract us from realizing that with a government “of, by and for the people” – which also happens to be in the richest country in the world – universal health care should be seen as the most natural thing in the world.”
  • “The corporate dominance of our political decision-making because of the undue influence of corporate money on our political system has not only corrupted our politics: it has corrupted our food supply, our soil, our air, and our water. In electing me president, Americans would elevate a leader who understands this and is willing to address it.”
  • “The shift to a genuine health care system would involve attention to environmental, agricultural, chemical and nutritional factors which America’s current corporate-dominated system of governance would presumably resist. Yet if America is to deal with our serious issues involving chronic disease and obesity, we must look deeply at the causes of disease and not simply their treatment.”
  • “Social Security has worked well for generations to reduce poverty among seniors and the disabled. It is under attack today by Wall Street banks and related financial “service” entities who want to privatize it for no other reason than to tap into another new and huge source of income and bonuses.”
  • “To that end, opponents of Social Security have claimed over the last few years that it is running out of money soon. It is true that there could be problems with Social Security funding down the line, but they are quite easily solved by making modest changes, such as raising the cap on income subject to Social Security payroll tax. That simple modification can keep the system solvent indefinitely, without reducing benefits.”
  • “Under no circumstances should we put Social Security at risk. We need to protect this successful and compassionate program that retiring Americans have relied on for nearly eighty-five years.” (Marianne 2020, Social Security)

IV. Stop Corporations, Banks, and the Wealthy from Controlling Our Economy and Our Democracy
8. Make Corporations and the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share

  • “Our economy has, in her view, become “a tyrannous economic order” in which “market forces have become our false God. Love is our God. Love should be our bottom line. We shouldn’t run this country like a business, we should run this country like a family.” The only way to override the forces of corporate rule is “through a massive political awakening among the American people.”’(Council on Foreign Relations, 02/19/19)
  • “She thinks that our current political conversation “is inadequate to the task of navigating the times that we’re in” because it only addresses the symptoms and not the underlying issue itself. She thinks that underlying issue is the “authoritarian corporatism by which the major resources of this country have been systematically placed in the hands of a few people.'”
  • “Our economy has, in her view, become “a tyrannous economic order” in which “market forces have become our false God. Love is our God. Love should be our bottom line. We shouldn’t run this country like a business, we should run this country like a family.” The only way to override the forces of corporate rule is “through a massive political awakening among the American people.”’(Council on Foreign Relations, 02/19/19)
  • We need to:
    • “Make permanent the middle-class tax cuts, while repealing the corporate tax cuts from the 2017 Tax Bill.”
    • “Close the loopholes that give big breaks to big business, and ensure they pay their fair share of taxes to level the playing field so small business can compete.”
    • “Eliminate the income cap on payroll taxes.”
    • “Enforce anti-trust laws so that new businesses have a chance to succeed.”
    • “Raise the estate tax (with special care given to help family businesses pay-off the estate tax bill over time so we don’t shut down small businesses).”

9. Close Wall Street’s Casino

  • “To help pay for some of the larger economic programs, Ms. Williamson proposes adding “a fee to financial transactions like buying stocks or trading currencies. Charge a small fee each time someone buys stocks or exchanges currency. There would be no way for the wealthy to dodge the transaction fee which would be charged automatically for each such transaction. This could add trillions of dollars to pay for the above programs.” (Marianne 2020, The Economy)
  • “Restore a modern Glass-Steagall, separating commercial banks (which take deposits and make loans) from investment banks, ensuring that banks cannot make risky investments. If they fail, they should not be bailed out by the government. Hold Wall Street accountable.”
  • “No bank that is too big to fail should exist. There are benefits to capitalism. One is, things that don’t work, shouldn’t survive.”
  • “Eliminate the carried interest and ETF tax loopholes enjoyed by Wall Street.”

10. Rescue Democracy from Special Interests

  • “Our government today does not function as a government, “of the people, by the people, for the people.” To the contrary, it serves as a government, “of a few, by a few, and for a few.” Due to the nefarious influence of unlimited corporate money on our politicians, our government has become a system of legalized bribery. The United States government now advocates more for the short-term financial gain of campaign donors, than for the long-term health and well-being of American citizens, and the planet on which we live.” (Marianne 2020, Democracy at Risk)
  • An attack on our voting system is core to this anti-democratic assault. Voter suppression laws are being passed throughout the country. Gerrymandering – making a shift from voters choosing winners to winners choosing voters – violates every principle of fair representation. And Citizens United has replaced the democratic formula of one person, one vote with the repressive system of one dollar, one vote.
  • It is imperative that the U.S. President be aware of this orchestrated, powerful undertow, and that she or he be unafraid to say so. One major political party has now been almost totally commandeered by corporatist forces, and the other major political party, due to its own frequent dependence on corporate dollars, does what it can to address the resulting pain on the periphery, yet too often refuses to address the underlying forces that make all that suffering inevitable.
  • I am running as a Democrat who feels that the party must reclaim its function as an advocate and protector of what is meant to be the true governing force in the United States: We the People. To me, that is the soul of the Democratic party, and the soul of our country.
  • If I’m elected, my administration will support the following:
    • A state-by-state rejection of politicized gerrymandering.
    • Elimination of unfounded restrictions on eligible voters, such as voter picture ID’s.
    • The institution of automatic voter registration at the age of 18.
    • Guarantees that our voting systems are secure from internal as well as external threats.
    • Establishment of election day as a national holiday (or Saturday), and guarantee of enough time and polling places to allow for easy access to voting.
    • Holding special interest and corporate lobbyists accountable to the rule of law. (Marianne 2020, Democracy at Risk)
  • Williamson also supports restoring voting rights to the formerly incarcerated and statehood for Washington, DC (both in accordance with the rest of the Democratic field). She also supports granting statehood to Puerto Rico, and is open to lowering the voting age to 16.(Washington Post, 04/11/19)
  • Williamson wants to eliminate the electoral college in favor of the popular vote and is open to eliminating the Senate filibuster. Meanwhile, she does not agree with proposals to adding more justices or “packing” the Supreme Court nor implementing term limits for justices. (Washington Post, 04/11/19)

V. A Global Strategy for Working Americans
11. A Global Strategy for Working Americans

  • While America has some serious enemies – and it’s certainly our responsibility to protect our country and our children – I believe our country’s way of dealing with security issues is increasingly obsolete. We cannot simply rely on brute force to rid ourselves of international enemies. In so doing, we overburden our military by asking them to compensate for the work we ourselves are not doing.”
  • “We treat violence, both domestically and internationally, in an allopathic fashion; simply waiting for the problem to occur, then seeking to suppress or eradicate its symptom.”
  • “America should embark on a 10- to 20-year plan for turning a wartime economy into a peace-time economy, repurposing the tremendous talents and infrastructure of our military-industrial complex in such a way as to leave us strong enough to deal with America’s legitimate needs for military preparedness, yet moving on to the urgent task of building a sustainable society and sustainable world.”
  • “I believe our current commitment to our military as primary problem-solver – a commitment of enormous and often tragic amounts of money, talent and human resources – is not what it appears to be. I believe it is less about America’s genuine security and more about the almost $700 billion spent each year on our military budget – often in ways that our military itself is not asking for, ways that simply increase the coffers of the military-industrial complex. I do not believe our nation’s security is in direct proportion to the amount of money we spend on the military; in fact, that amount dwarfs the amount of money we spend on genuine peace-building efforts.” (Marianne 2020, National Security)
  • “When it comes to national security, we must end our reliance on oil, because it perpetuates our dependence on energy supplies from other countries, particularly in the Middle east. This constantly draws us into military misadventures to defend access to oil (and the profits it yields for big oil companies), usually under the pretense of, “defending our freedoms.””(Marianne Williamson, Climate Crisis)