Forward Ever: Resistance is not Enough

I am proud to be a signer of the pledge to fight for “Good Jobs, Sustainable Prosperity and Economic Justice.” Fighting forward and not just fighting back is critical if we want to build an economy and a nation that truly enables the “pursuit of happiness.” Our current economy is grossly distorted and stock market gains as a marker is no more credible now than in the age of the 19th century robber barons.

These 11 points are not meant to define the progressive agenda-racial, social and environmental justice work that goes far beyond this pledge are all essential. At the same time, without increasing vision and detail about an economy that would be transformative for Black, Brown and White working class families, we will never build the movement of 50 million that we need to achieve justice on any front.

The Democratic Party platform of 2016 was a start but Trump’s election moved us to righteous defense; but defense alone will not sustain a movement or create a new direction. We must do both and in doing both we will be stronger and have a message we can carry everywhere.

This pledge is not just about the 2018 election. We will need to go much deeper than that, as we organize politically, organize around issues, and find candidates at all levels of government that will build our movement and not just their own candidacy.

Our Revolution now counts more than 500 local groups trying to drive a deeper political agenda that combines party building and transformation, issue work and electoral success at every level. We do that with organizational modesty, looking for allies on all 3 sides of that strategic triangle. The 70 signers of this pledge, and the organizations that they are building, are the best imaginable allies.

I look forward to working with Campaign for America’s Future and the signers of this pledge to following up this launch with sustained political education and organizing as we build a movement that will change our nation!

Larry Cohen
Board Chair, Our Revolution
Past President Communications Workers of America

One thought on “Forward Ever: Resistance is not Enough

  1. Steven J Weinberg

    Any laundry list of prominent societal issues that need to be addressed, like the list assembled by the Campaign for America’s Future 2018, must also include the threat to our future posed by unrestricted development and deployment of artificial intelligence, especially in genetic engineering, nanotechnology and robotics. It’s already 18 years since Bill Joy published his groundbreaking article in the April 2000 issue of Wired, “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us”, and current big-picture thinkers like Yuval Noah Harari are trying to alert us to the fact that the threats that Bill Joy pointed out have only grown worse in the intervening years. We have only taken the most preliminary of baby steps to even raise this issue on a societal level – hearing nothing about AI, for instance, in the 2016 Democratic Platform. We really have yet to even develop a language to make discussion of the dangers posed by AI easy. But we have to start somewhere in raising consciousness and assembling the key data sources needed for intelligent discussion. I would hope that the Campaign for America’s Future 2018 would be part of the solution to dealing with this “other” looming societal crisis.


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